Manufacturer signs agreement to deploy product programme in Munich

Aurrigo International has signed an agreement with Digital Testbed Air Cargo Project Consortium to deploy the Company’s Auto-DollyTug at Munich International Airport for autonomous cargo transport trials.

Auto-DollyTug is scheduled to be deployed in Q2 2024, with results published in Q3 2024.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV), the project is led by Fraunhofer IML and the Frankfurt University of Applied Science.

The Coventry-headquartered group’s Auto-DollyTug® is an all-electric, autonomous vehicle that combines the functions of a baggage tractor and the carrying capacity of an airport dolly. 

Compared to a traditional tug setup, the Auto-DollyTug with three trailers can transport four ULDs, which is over 30% more cargo in the same overall length.

David Keene, CEO, said: “We are thrilled to advance our work with the Digital Testbed Air Cargo project by adding another location for testing within the region. With two key deployments now slotted in Germany for 2024, we are continuing to push the boundaries of autonomous technology in diverse airport settings worldwide, unlocking new possibilities.”