Biomaterials firm relocates from the capital to Wolverhampton

An award-winning biomaterials firm has announced its relocation from London to Wolverhampton, with ambitions to be a part of the city’s new Green Innovation Corridor.

FlexSea develops home-compostable biomaterials derived from seaweed that replace plastic film packaging and degrade in a matter of weeks. It has already gained considerable traction in replacing single-use plastics across sectors such as cosmetics, food, and medical fields.

£4m has recently been raised through Innovate UK grants and private equity funding.

CEO Carlo Fedeli has outlined plans to “play a central role in Wolverhampton’s new Green Innovation Corridor” – an investment zone supported by the Government which looks to capitalise on the city’s role in sustainable construction.

Initial phases centre on the Springfield Innovation Hub, designed to be net-zero carbon and situated at the University of Wolverhampton’s £120m Springfield site. Future phases include ‘Six Mile Green’ at Wolverhampton Science Park and Cross Street North.

The long-term vision involves connecting key assets at the Springfield Campus, Wolverhampton Science Park, and the city centre with the advanced manufacturing cluster in the north of Wolverhampton.

Carlo Fedeli, CEO of FlexSea said: “The decision to relocate to Wolverhampton is driven by various factors, including the city’s strategic location and excellent transportation links. Leveraging the skilled and diverse workforce and opportunities for growth and collaboration within the region, FlexSea aims to contribute to the economic development of the city and play a central role in Wolverhampton’s new Green Innovation Corridor.”

COO & University of Wolverhampton alumni, Olivia Simpson, added: “Wolverhampton, the Black Country, and the West Midlands’ historical and current position at the centre of the British industrial powerhouse make it the ideal location to bring sustainable innovation to the forefront in the UK.”

City of Wolverhampton Council Leader, Cllr Stephen Simkins, said: “As part of the emerging West Midlands Investment Zone the Green Innovation Corridor will drive the Green Industrial Revolution, building upon Wolverhampton’s sustainable construction, green credentials and circular economy for transformation that will create quality jobs and opportunities for all.

“FlexSea’s decision to relocate from London to Wolverhampton recognises what a strong proposition it is. It demonstrates the confidence businesses have to invest and develop in our city as a place where innovative businesses can thrive”.