Drinks manufacturer steps up UK expansion plans with new partnership

A Dudley-based drinks firm has taken a step forward in its UK expansion plans, after signing a deal with wholesalers Parfetts.

Virtus Brands manufactures and distributes 15 drinks brands including its Jatt Life ultra-premium vodka.

The firm has joined Parfetts’ drop shipping scheme, giving it access to 1,000 independent retailers nationwide through the firm’s symbol group.

By being added to Parfetts’ approved supplier list, Virtus Brands can offer its full range of products, including vodka, tequila, prosecco, and Champagne, through Parfetts’ direct-to-store partnership with discount buying organisation Procuria.

Virtus Brands founder Baz Kooner said: “The dream for Virtus Brands is for our brands to be stocked worldwide in high-end bars and restaurants and big-name retailers, and signing this deal with Parfetts is a major step on the road for us. One of the biggest challenges of a growing business is being able to raise awareness and generate demand and then being able to supply enough products to meet it. Parfetts’ drop shipping arrangement helps solve both of those products for us.

“Consumers, especially at the younger end of the market, are increasingly looking for new, independent brands offering something they’ve never seen before. This is precisely what Virtus Brands is all about and we’re excited about the prospect of getting our products better known and meeting this demand.”

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