£20m M6toll upgrade nears completion

Credit: M6toll

A £20m upgrade to the M6toll is almost finished, thanks to the introduction of a new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) tolling system.

Part of a two-year investment plan aimed at improving traffic flow, simplifying customer account management, and encouraging more drivers to use the road, the new system tracks vehicles as they enter and exit the M6toll.

This allows for a more flexible pricing structure that aims to attract local traffic from the busy A5 and A38 roads, as well as through traffic from the M6.

Improvements have also been made to the toll lanes to reduce congestion during peak times, including the introduction of e-receipts to replace paper receipts and the installation of new contactless readers that accept apple and google pay, along with credit, debit, and fuel cards.

Account holders will have additional perks, such as the ability to use any lane through the toll plazas without stopping at a barrier, including a dedicated lane for account holders.

Additionally, plans are in progress to offer discounts for local customers in the near future.

Michael Whelan, general manager of M6toll, said: “Our £20 million upgrade is a significant step in transforming the user experience for our M6toll customers. It means more hassle free and efficient journeys on the road and a smoother and more efficient customer journey off the road, with easier management of online accounts.”