Tech manufacturer secures $5m US vending machine deal

Redditch-based Solid State has secured a $5.1m deal with a US smart vending machines manufacturer, as it boosts its Stateside operations.

The component supplier and design-in manufacturer of computing, power, and communications products, will combine its hardware and software applications in a new franchise line through Solsta, its Components division.

It will enable the US client to have smart billing and intelligent inventory control and management through the combination of an industrial router and cloud-based services. The contract comes after Sold State looked to broaden its technology set on an international scale.

Delivery of the contract is expected to commence in Q2 2024 and be completed by the middle of 2025.

Jon Baxter, Executive Director of Sales & Operations EMEA at Solsta, the Group’s Components division, said: “The recent restructuring of the Pacer business in the USA has enabled this significant development in the Components division.

“This solution brings together both access to hardware and engineering ‘know how’ to create a product which matches the needs of our client exactly.”