Manufacturer secures world-first deal for automated baggage handling vehicles

Aurrigo International, a supplier of airside solutions, has entered into a £2.5m contract with Singapore Changi Airport Group (CAG).

A fleet of four automated baggage-handling vehicles will pilot underwing operations throughout 2024 and 2025.

Phase 2A of the trial recently concluded, to test the resilience of the Auto-DollyTug® in various conditions such as wet weather, heat, humidity, and its ability to align with airport equipment.

The Coventry-headquartered group’s Auto-DollyTug® is an all-electric, autonomous vehicle that combines the functions of a baggage tractor and the carrying capacity of an airport dolly. 

The trial also showcased its automated transfer of baggage containers and its capability for close-quarter operations with aircraft on the stand.

Moving forward, Phase 2B will focus on testing the fleet communication of the Auto-DollyTugs® through Aurrigo’s Auto-Connect® platform, allowing them to be scheduled and monitored to support the turnaround of wide-body flights.

Professor David Keene, Chief Executive Officer at Aurrigo, commented: “This is a milestone moment for the aviation sector and paves the way for the future adoption of our Auto-DollyTugs for servicing of live flights in the near term. Changi Airport Group has been exploring this technology with us since 2020 and the results of significant testing has given it the confidence to place this next contract with us.”

The airport baggage-handling vehicles are expected to arrive in Singapore in the coming months.