Office fit-out completed for gaming firm

Estilo Interiors has completed the design and build of a new office space for NaturalMotion, located at 45 Church Street in Birmingham’s business district.

The Category B fit-out covered over 6,000 sq ft of space and includes neurodivergent rooms, a voiceover recording booth and mixing room, and gaming demonstration rooms.

It also includes presentation spaces, gaming areas, and screening rooms, and can accommodate over 50 employees.

NaturalMotion, a subsidiary of Zynga Inc, is a British video game development company and is known for the CSR Racing franchise and the upcoming Star Wars: Hunters™.

Andrew Moore, founder and managing director of Estilo Interiors, said: “We are thrilled to complete this exciting journey with NaturalMotion. Our commitment to creating inspiring, functional workspaces complements their dynamic vision and this project exemplifies our dedication to delivering spaces that not only meet the immediate needs of our clients but also foster an environment that nurtures innovation, creativity and collaboration.”

Julian Widdows, senior vice president of racing at NaturalMotion, said: “This innovative project covers over 6,000 sqft of the newly refurbished building and includes cutting-edge features such as neurodivergent rooms, a voiceover recording booth and mixing room, gaming demonstration rooms, and with sustainability high on the agenda, the incorporation of biophilia to promote a healthy and vibrant work environment.

“The office design also encompasses presentation spaces, gaming areas and screening rooms with the capacity to accommodate over 50 employees in line with NaturalMotion’s growth strategy. “Estilo Interiors’ expertise has helped us create an environment that encourages creativity, diversity, and excellence, aligning with our mission to connect the world through games.”

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