Facilities company secures contract with shopping centre

Independent facilities management company, The Westgrove Group, has recently secured a new contract with the Kingfisher Shopping Centre in Redditch.

Under this contract, Westgrove will provide cleaning, security, and guest host services to the 1.1m sq ft shopping centre located in Redditch town centre.

Glenn Wilson, group managing Director at The Westgrove Group says, “Following this fantastic award, we are excited to develop our partnership with the team at Landswood de Coy and we are delighted to welcome 47 colleagues into our team from Kingfisher Shopping Centre, to drive engagement, standards, and sustainable solutions with ESG at the heart of
everything we do.”

Adrian Field, Kingfisher’s general manager said: “From the point of receiving the tender submission through to the transfer of colleagues across to the team, Westgrove have been first class. They have scrutinised every detail to ensure that there have been no surprises and the colleagues who have moved across via a TUPE transfer have been most impressed with how they have communicated and reassured them. We very much look forward to working with Westgrove to ensure that Kingfisher excels in our levels of cleanliness, safety and guest experience.”

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