and Curium Solutions team up to reveal The Future of Work

A major report on change, leadership and transformational technologies will affect business in the regions has been revealed., working in partnership with Curium Solutions, has published The Future of Work – a comprehensive examination of how leaders are adapting to changing working practices and emerging technologies. worked with Curium, which specialises in a People First approach to radically accelerate change, to host a series of four round tables across the UK which brought together over 50 business leaders to share their perspectives on what’s next for the working world.

The report is available to download here.

Tracy Westall, non-executive board member at Curium Solutions, said: “When embarking on The Future of Work roundtables in partnership with, we had high expectations.

“The good news is we weren’t disappointed – but we were often surprised by the conversations.

“It was not a surprise that business leaders in different sectors are wrestling with lots of the same issues, or that the role of technology is a common board topic. But we were pleasantly surprised that people are still at the heart of almost all business discussions, driving choices and shaping outcomes.

“In a future which is often hyped to belong to the machines, our conversations demonstrated that people, culture and strong leadership are still seen as key and at the heart of business.”

The Future of Work examines how change is affecting the place of work and the team and the leaders. It also looks at transformational technology and how the leaders of the future will adapt to that.

Andy Dawson, director and co-founder of Curium Solutions, said: “I really enjoyed meeting such a diverse range of businesses during our regional roundtable series.

“People remain very much at the heart of our businesses, and I hope that emerging technologies will help everyone to be more efficient and effective in the future, helping us to embrace rather than resist it.

“There is no doubt that the past few years have been challenging for leaders and businesses alike, but we have all learnt a lot of lessons along the way. How we apply those lessons will differentiate the future winners from the competition.

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