Battery manufacturer launches budget battery storage subsidiary

Polar ESS range

GivEnergy has launched a budget battery storage subsidiary, Polar ESS, to make home battery technology more accessible and affordable.

Polar ESS offers a new product line that costs about half as much as GivEnergy’s premium options. An average system is available for around £2,000 (excluding installation).

The new Polar ESS range includes a hybrid inverter, available in 3.6kW and 6.0kW capacities, and a 5.2kW storage battery. This allows users to store cheap, clean energy from solar panels or the grid during off-peak hours.

The battery aims to automatically power the home during peak hours, helping users save around 85% on their energy bills and reducing reliance on the grid, which in turn helps cut down fossil fuel use in the UK.

Founded in Staffordshire in 2018, GivEnergy has grown into a global company with around 500 employees.

Dave Roberts, UK MD at GivEnergy, said: “Here at GivEnergy, we believe that every billpayer should have the means to power their life cheaply and cleanly – with home batteries as the new norm for all. As we look to improve the efficiency standards of UK homes, home batteries should now be a standard, well-known electrical appliance. They represent enormous cost and carbon savings for all billpayers and should be a staple along with things like insulation and double glazing.

 “But we recognise the investment that home batteries represent. We also recognise that our GivEnergy systems are top-of-the-range, and not universally accessible. So, with that in mind, we’re proud to have developed a new, budget brand. Polar ESS is our great leveller in terms of empowering energy freedom for all. We’re hand-on-heart excited to be able to pull down the entry barriers to energy storage.”