6 types of friendships you will have at work

It’s no wonder that we build friendships whilst at work, we can end up spending more time with them than our own family and friends outside the office. We make a range of friends throughout our working life and these are just some of them…

1) The drunk friendship
There’s a person in every office who is the first to suggest drinks after work on a Friday. They are your drinking pal, you get in all sorts of trouble after a few drinks with them (and after the boss has left) and they are always the office legend on a Monday morning.

2) The shared interests friendship
You seem to have loads in common, from football team to music choices, but you just don’t click in a sociable way. So despite the occasional chat on a Wednesday afternoon with them, they mostly stay an acquaintance.

3) The therapist friendship
Each morning, they hear about your latest dilemma. They’re the first to know about an idea that your boss didn’t like, your pet fish’s death and all about the row you had with your other half about what you’re having for dinner.

4) The weird friendship
You’re most likely to have a weird kind of friendship with your boss or a member of senior management. What makes it weird is that you can’t really tell them anything about yourself, because they will judge you and you have to laugh at their sometimes awful jokes.

5) The only in work friendship
You get on with them just fine in office discussions and they’re alright…but you wouldn’t spend time with them outside work because it would just be, well, boring.

6) The best friendship
You start and end work together, you crack personal jokes about mutual friends over the office, you go shopping together, have movie nights and even introduce them to your other friends. You are thankful you have one another to latch onto at awkward work events and both dread the day one of you leaves.