7 steps to finding a new job in 30 days

So you need a new job, and fast. There is no need to panic though, grab your laptop, your smartest suit and get practising your networking skills if you want to secure yourself a new job within the next month. Try these seven steps when you’re in need of a new job and super-fast.

1. Update your CV
Sounds obvious, but before you do anything else, you need to make sure your CV is completely up to date and ready to go. Also, think about what experience is relevant on your CV to what kind of jobs and industry you want to work in. Pick out what you have done in the past which will help you the most in getting a new role, and ditch the bar job you had when you were 16 if it has nothing to do with what you want to do now.

2. Get social
Scroll down your social media feeds and think about what you are posting. Most employers look at your social media and how you are portraying yourself online before they have even considered you for an interview. If you’re not acting professional on Facebook and Twitter, delete what you need to and make sure the content and photos that appear on your feeds is appropriate.

3. Who do you know?
Go through your phone book and have a think about who you have met in the past. Can any of them help you get into a new job or do a few of them even work where you would love to? Get in touch and don’t be afraid to ask for their help in your job search.

4. Put yourself out there
If you’re looking for a new job fast, you won’t have time to get to the desperate stage. Tell your LinkedIn connections that you are looking for a new role, quickly outlining your experience and see what comes. Ask your Facebook friends if they know of anything going too. You have nothing to lose and no one can say you didn’t try. However, be careful who you speak to if it is going to get you in trouble at your current workplace, as you don’t want to end on bad terms.

5. Expand your network
Research into networking events in the area and head along as there is no harm in at least introducing yourself to people who can keep you in mind for an upcoming role. Make a good and lasting impression with those you talk to and who knows who you could meet?

6. Research jobs well
When you get offered an interview, make sure you have done as much research as you can beforehand. If you want to be in with a good chance of getting the job, you don’t want to mess it up because you’re unsure of what it is they actually do. Go over your notes on the way to the interview and even if they don’t ask what you know, drop in what information you are aware of occasionally. It will make you appear much more organised and they will remember you.

7. Don’t beat around the bush
If you really want the job, don’t beat around the bush when they ask questions. Be straight and be honest with them. Don’t beg them for the job, but make it clear to them that you are really interested. After all, if you want a new job fast, you can’t afford to not make it clear to employers that you think your skills and experience could be worthwhile at their company.