8 tips to become a great leader at work

Getting a promotion is all well and good moneywise, but if you’re unsure of how to treat others now you are technically above them at work, or if you now have to run your own team, it can be a daunting time. However, there are a range of ways you can become the ultimate leader who will not only gain success, but also the respect and friendship of their colleagues.

1. The them and us culture
Ditch it, right away. No employee wants to feel like a minion who runs around after you and other senior management. In most workplaces, employees can feel like a different breed to those above them, so you need to find ways to shorten the gap between them and you. Make it clear to them that you are all a team and don’t take advantage of them.

2. Let them learn
If you see them struggling, help them but don’t give them everything. You may love some of your employees, but they will never learn what they need to if they know that if they can’t do something, then they will. If needs be, take time out to teach them certain skills or even allow them to go along to workshops and classes that will help their own success.

3. Set goals – but be realistic
When you are in charge of a team, it is easy to start going slightly power mad and think everything will work out. Chances are, there will always be a handful of things that won’t. It is good to have dreams, but also think about your resources and the work load that your team would have to endure. Be realistic about what you have got and what you can actually achieve with that.

4. Allow time to be innovative
Those weeks where every day just feels the same can make a job feel so boring and soon, you begin to lack motivation as well as having no inspiration. Allow your staff to have time to think of new ideas for the business and let them discuss solutions to problems, rather than trying to figure it out just sat behind a screen. Giving your employees this time away from their every day job, they will be much more focused when they are.

5. Take responsibility
If you want to be a leader, you have to understand that you will be taking the slack for anything that goes wrong in your team. Make sure you know what each team member is doing and what they have lined up before you get started on a project, so if it looks like something could go wrong at some point, you have had a heads up and can deal with it accordingly.

6. Take risks
In order to be a successful leader, you will need to learn to take risks, especially when the outcome could be worthwhile for the business. Don’t be afraid of trying new things and encouraging your workers to think outside of the box.

7. Reward your staff
Chances are, your employees will enjoy being in your team much more if they feel like they are a part of something. If they have been doing a good job recently, show that they are not being taken for granted and treat them. Even if it is taking them out for lunch or a few drinks, they will soon feel much more relaxed around you and will therefore do a better job in the office.

8. Be the boss you would want
Think about what bosses you have had in the past and what qualities you liked about them and what you definitely did not. Learn from them and apply them to your own leadership skills. Consider what type of people your team are and how they are motivated and treat them how you would like to be treated as an employee.