5 quirky ideas to boost staff productivity

Nearly half of UK workers don’t feel that their current employer is doing enough to keep them engaged, according to a survey by Love Energy.

To have any chance of long term business success it’s important to have a team of happy and committed employees and following these perks will help to do just that.

1. Escape the office

Most of the time team bonding activities turn out to be a little awkward and a huge waste of time.

However, a growing number of businesses have started taking their employees for a day out at an escape room to really help them gel as a team as they work together to solve riddles, puzzles and, hopefully, break free.

2. Give them their 5-a-day

You don’t have to be a nutritionist to recognise that healthy staff who maintain a balanced diet are less likely to call in sick and will generally have higher energy levels than those who pig out on junk all day.

Research has even proven that providing employees with a fruit bowl full of healthy treats can result in a 10% increase in productivity. So it’s no wonder so many businesses are offering up free fruit as a quirky office perk.

3. Stand-up to back pain

With so many workers taking days off or struggling to work due to back pain, why not introduce stand-up desks to relieve your employee’s pain?

Staff will naturally feel more productive if they’re stood up working, whilst being free from shoulder and back pain.

4. Keep them fit

Providing a free or discounted gym membership can massively help your employees to keep fit and motivated, but hiring a personal trainer is even more beneficial.

Regular exercise will not only help to prevent the physical illnesses that take your staff away from the desk, it will help with mental health issues too.

Have your personal trainer devise routines for your staff in order to help them become more productive in the office.

5. Pins and needles

Twitter offer free acupuncture sessions for their employees, so why shouldn’t you?

Evidence suggests that this unorthodox form of treatment can help to ease neck and lower back pain, headaches and even toothache. Remember, healthy employees are productive employees.

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