5 ways to become indispensable at work

We all panic at work and question just how valuable at work we truly are; how long would the company cope without you? Is your job easily replaceable? Are you making it clear to your boss that you belong in this role? Here are five ways to make yourself indispensable at work so you always have job security at work.

1. Make yourself available
If you’re never willing to put the effort in, you won’t make much of an impression at work. Ask your boss if there are any big projects coming up that you can work on and put yourself forward when you can. Make it clear to your boss that you have skills for projects happening in the company and even if you can’t get involved, they will appreciate you for asking and willing to put yourself forward.

2. Be a role model
Think about your dream colleague and think about what is stopping you from being that person yourself. Make it your aim to be positive with colleagues at work and don’t get involved in petty things like office politics. You should try to be someone that your colleagues appreciate and enjoy working with. If you clearly make an effort with your colleagues and they look up to you, you will look like a born leader and will probably be offered much more opportunities.

3. Think about your priorities
If you have a list of things to do, think about the process you do them in. What would your boss want you to prioritise and what would they want you to put the most effort in? It is important to always be jumping on the next challenge and it is also a good way to keep the boss off your back. If you can get on with the work without help all the time, you will stand out as being one of the very best employees.

4. Build a network
There is no need to just stick to people you work with when building a network. Get to know the people in your industry and build relationships with clients. If you know a whole range of people who can help occasionally, you will be a valued worker as you know all the right people. Get yourself out there on the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn and start talking to people and understanding the changes in your industry. You will appear committed to your job too as you are willing to put some effort in even outside of the office.

5. Gain more skills
You should always keep your eye out for extra classes and workshops that can help boost your skills. Think about what skills are in high demand in your office and if you can get your head around them. Alternatively, find your niche skill and what you can become the office expert in. You will soon find that the office can’t function without you. By showing the desire to gain new skills, you look like a hard worker whilst also boosting your CV.