Shipster Pandemic Package?: Unlimited Shipping Licences for warehouses distributing key goods in the fight against coronavirus

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Warehouses across the UK are playing a crucial role in supplying personal protective equipment and medicines to stock the NHS, care homes, key workers and pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic. To assist their client base during these trying times, Shipster are giving an unlimited number of extra shipping licences to clients shipping these items free of charge.

See the official Shipster notice

A single shipping licence can be used to set up a new despatch point packing bench or add additional courier services per bench. Adding extra licences means shipping operations can be boosted in terms of volume and speed by optimizing how each shipment type is shipped.

Individual Shipster license makes it possible for the warehouses to ship products through the chosen courier(s) along with the correct shipping service at superior shipping speed. Extra dispatch points and courier assimilations are enabled with the increase of licenses to push daily shipping rates.


Worldwide medical supplier Mawdsleys are between benefiting from the licence extensions.

Applications Support Manager from Mawdsleys says,

“The service and support offered by the Shipster team during and since implementation has been exceptional, with no request too small or complex for them to resolve in a timely manner. Their decision to remove the limit on software licenses at the critical time has supported our ability to up our operational capacity which is crucial.”


Oddsphere/Shipster MD Tony Cheetham calls the decision to extend licences the obvious thing to do,

“It’s a no brainer really, every company should be looking at what they can do and we’re very lucky to be able to continue trading in the current climate. We have seen an increased demand for shipping in goods such as medical supplies, PPE and food, so we made the easy decision to allow those clients to bump up their licenses as much as they want with no added cost. This will hold for as long as the government’s lockdown period lasts, and possibly longer if needed.”


Despite the current crisis, Shipster are still able to operate rather smoothly as the team are working from home and continuing to give software support to client warehouses by telephone, email and remote screen sharing software. The business continues to focus on further developing the Shipster software and its integrations, a new user control panel and widening their client base.


Marketing Director Hayley Cowburn says:

“It’s thanks to our brilliant staff that we have been able to offer this help. Their continued focus, organisation and close communication from home has meant that business has mostly been ticking along as usual and scheduling time for additional Shipster installations has been very manageable.”


The Shipster team encourage any other client warehouses dispatching essential equipment to get in touch about extra licences if they haven’t been contacted already.








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