Gard Chemicals Increases Supplies into Food Manufacturers

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Gard Chemicals is a West Yorkshire based specialist manufacturer of a wide range of Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals for a variety of industries.  In recent weeks and during the Covid-19 global pandemic Gard Chemicals has responded to the needs of the UK Food Industry and NHS.  Numerous organisations have been left struggling to find adequate supply chains to meet demand for products such as Liquid Hand Soap, Bactericidal Cleaners etc.

Recognising the needs of such industries Gard Chemicals has now dedicated 2 of its 5000 litre tanks to the manufacture of Liquid Hand Soap and Bactericidal Cleaner for the increased capacity.

Working with some extremely loyal raw material suppliers Gard Chemicals has been able to provide fast turnaround of goods to ease the burden.

Only this week Gard Chemicals has been accepted onto the newly developed Coronavirus (Covid-19) Supplier Catalogue administered by the government department CCS.  This listing will enable more visibility to the NHS and assist various trusts in securing that extra supply chain as and when needed.