Simply Video

SimplyVideo is an amazingly innovative platform that allows you to connect to a video call via practically any method you can think of. We’re all about powerful features to easily link your team and give you the capacity to invite any guest – regardless of the platform that they may be using.

Just to be clear, we’re not looking to convince anybody ditch their existing platform. Instead we’re looking to simplify your processes so you’re not hamstrung by being unable to communicate with anyone using a different setup. Teams, Zoom, Poly, Cisco, and Skype are all supported by SimplyVideo, meaning we can bridge that gap and give you an incredibly user-friendly experience to boot! Best of all, you don’t even need to download anything to get platform neutral video calls in full HD – it all works from within your browser.

SimplyVideo even supports wearable devices and facilitates voice-control to bridge the gap between augmented reality and video calling. Realwear, Magic Leap, Hippo, and more are supported by the platform, making it the perfect solution for remote assistance, hands free demonstrations, and loads of other uses.

If that wasn’t enough, SimplyVideo is also customisable to your brand, allowing you to add your own logo, corporate colours, and welcome messages for your guests. You can even create custom URLs for your calls. Of course, we also pack in a heap of other features that round off your experience including recording, screen sharing, mobile support, and our Companion App for use with any wearables.

Any browser, any device, any existing VC platform – they all connect seamlessly with SimplyVideo. No downloads, no fuss, just total simplicity.