The Data Shed

The Data Shed (TDS) is an award-winning consultancy specialising in data integration and analytical projects.

We love data. And we make it our job to improve your ability to drive real value from it.

Focused on driving value and insight, we create technical solutions which enable clients to make better informed decisions.

We offer a range of skills which we tailor to your needs. By getting to know your business, we ensure you get what’s right for you, whether that’s a single consultation or full-blown bespoke data system design, build and maintenance – and everything in between.

Tech and data projects only work when they are fully embraced by the client, so our services offer tech solutions blended with Strategy and Business Change. We advise clients on the business change requirements needed to optimise investment in tech and data solutions, making sure that you achieve the maximum ROI.

We work using our philosophy of giving you all of what you need and none of what you don’t – for the best results and value.

For over 10 years, we’ve helped organisations of all sizes overcome their challenges. Thanks to this, we’ll quickly and efficiently come up with the best solution for you. One of the reasons we can be so confident is that we’re not wedded to any one type of technology or platform. This gives us the freedom to make the right recommendation for you. Also, we’re always looking at what’s new as well as designing and creating our own systems. So, our toolbox of options isn’t just broad, it’s also state-of-the-art.

Once we’ve agreed a way forward, we’ll then work with you to build a bespoke solution, then hand it over to your internal team. We can even train them in using it, or, if you prefer, provide ongoing support.

To help businesses get the most out of their own data, we also built our own SaaS product, The Data Refinery, an integrated data management platform (DMP) which, at its heart, is a single view of a person, created by pulling together data sources, matching records and enhancing your data using behaviour, demographics, and interactions to build a single view of your customers – providing instant insight and allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Even though we’re a technical company, we know how frustrating and alienating technical language can be to non-technical end-users, so our products, language, and approach are inclusive, supportive, and user-friendly. Our mission is to create useful data tools that help

organisations harness the value and reduce the risk held in their data asset, regardless of size or technical capability.

Ultimately, we have a vision for the democratisation of data, in which data is de-mystified – accessible and understandable to all.

Our outstanding performance has been recognised at several awards, and we’re listed in the GP Bullhound Northern Tech Awards Top 100 Companies and Mills & Reeve’s Top Tech Yorkshire Report.