£170m penalty kick brings Premier League football to Huddersfield

Huddersfield Town has won promotion to the Premier League for the first time in decades, leading the way for a major windfall.

The club won against Reading 4-3 on penalties over the Bank Holiday, having beat Sheffield Wednesday in the semi-finals.

The last time Huddersfield reached the top flight was in 1972, and the club finished 19th last season. Town reportedly have the fifth-lowest budget in the second tier – but spent all but eight days of the season in the top six.

The club can expect a windfall of at least £170m over the next three seasons after winning promotion.

Head coach David Wagner said: “I am one of the happiest men on the planet after today and I am so proud about this group of players and what they’ve done over this whole season.

“I have to give credit to everyone, especially the Chairman who backed all our ideas over the last 18 months and every single employer of Huddersfield Town, they have invested so much into our Club.

“This match is life changing for them as well. They’ve probably worked harder than they’ve ever done before and now they have got the credit, they’re working for a Premier League football club and this town will be very proud to be involved in it next season.”

The rise to Premier League has proven costly for other Yorkshire teams including Hull City, which paid a £10m bill for its promotion.