Hull in bottom three again – this time for Premier League payments

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Hull City received £97.3m in payments from the Premier League this season, despite finishing 18th and being relegated.

A huge jump in money from TV deals for the league means the club was paid more in 2016/17 than 19 of the 20 Premier League clubs received the previous season.

Only the relegated clubs missed out on £100m-plus payments, a barrier broken only by runners-up Arsenal a year earlier. Hull, Yorkshire’s only Premier League club this season, had received £66.6m when it was relegated two years ago.

The Premier League clubs shared £2.4bn between them from broadcast revenues and central commercial income.

Every club received £39.1m from overseas TV deals, £35.3m as an equal share of the domestic TV deal, and £4.8m from commercial deals.

Two elements vary between clubs to split two pots of £408m.

Merit payments based on league position ranged from £38.8m for champions Chelsea to £1.9m for bottom club Sunderland.

Facility fees, which are payments made when a club’s matches are broadcast in the UK. Hull City was one of five clubs to get the minimum 10 matches, which paid £12.4m. Liverpool received the most, getting £33.9m for being televised 29 times.

Credit: Premier League