My Yorkshire: Jamie Bentley, Stephenson Group

Jamie Bentley is the CEO of Stephenson Group, a speciality chemicals manufacturer, based in Leeds

Where do you live/where are you from? Knaresborough.

What is your favourite place to visit in Yorkshire and why?

Filey – I grew up holidaying in Filey with my grandparents and still have fond memories of the place. It’s still very special to me.

What is still on your “to do” list in the region?

Personally I’d like to make a better contribution to the Yorkshire economy. I’m passionate about making Yorkshire appear at its very best. I’m keen to do my bit to ensure that Yorkshire takes prime spot as part of the Northern Powerhouse. Through our achievements at Stephenson Group we continue to try and put the region on the global manufacturing map.

What is the most memorable meal you’ve ever had in Yorkshire?

It has to be fish and chips in Filey.

What is your most Yorkshire trait?

I’m very straight talking. I also think Yorkshire folk need to be more positive and passionate about this great county.

Favourite piece of trivia about the region.

I love the fact that a Yorkshireman discovered Australia (Captain James Cook).

What/who is your favourite cultural icon to come out of Yorkshire?

Artist David Hockney. His father also worked for us in our Bradford factory in the 1950s.

Worst experience or thing about Yorkshire?

Negativity in the region which can often drag it down. Leeds has been left behind for Manchester for too long now and it’s time things changed.

What is one thing you’d steal from Lancashire (or other UK regions) if you could?

It would have to be how local government and the business community works in great harmony to build a strong, positive and vibrant city in Manchester. Leeds could learn a lot from doing exactly the same.

What is the most overrated thing about Yorkshire?

Flat caps and whippets! I don’t see many of them at all!