Mortgage lender now servicing more than £1bn in loans

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Pure Retirement, the Leeds-based mortgage lender, is now servicing over £1bn of loans for the first time in its history.

In total, Pure Retirement now comprises six partners who have their loans serviced by its dedicated in-house customer account servicing department.

As part of the department’s growth, Suzanne Latimer has recently been promoted to head of service delivery, from her previous position of head of operations.

As well as appointing Andrew Clare as its new head of operations, Pure Retirement has also added new members to its senior team, with John Wilson (head of product proposition) and Brendan Gilligan (head of product delivery) joining the ranks..

Parul Carter, Pure Retirement CEO, said: “Hitting such a headline figure this early into the year is testament to the diligent team that we’re proud to have working for us, and a clear indicator that we’re not resting on our laurels after a landmark year.

“It reinforces the importance of our servicing division, and with Suzanne leading its development I’ve no doubt it’ll continue to grow. Similarly, the combined skills of Andrew, John and Brendan will allow us to continue to offer market-leading products and service standards in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”