My Yorkshire: Patrick Noakes, managing director at Victoria Gate Casino

Patrick Noakes is the managing director at Victoria Gate Casino, the entertainment and gaming venue based in the heart of Leeds city centre.

Where do you live/where are you from?

I’m originally from Leicester but moved to the West Midlands with my family when I was a child. I moved around the country for a few years as my career developed but the last decade or so has been spent in Bournville in Birmingham. Since joining the team at Leeds, I now live in-between Harrogate and Wetherby in the Yorkshire countryside.

What is your favourite place to visit in Yorkshire and why?

Having recently settled in Yorkshire, my wife and I are continuing to discover new places to visit, and one of our regular haunts is Knaresborough castle. We enjoy going there for a day out, taking our dog and sitting by the river, watching the world go by.

What is still on your “to do” list in the region?

We haven’t had much chance to visit the east coast of the UK yet, and we’d like to go to Whitby and Scarborough in spring.

What is the most memorable meal you’ve ever had in Yorkshire?

Leeds is a great city for foodies. The standard across the city is really high, and I’ve never had a bad meal in the city. My Food & Beverage Manager Judith wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t give a shout out to her Chicken Parmesan!

What is your most Yorkshire trait?

Dropping the ‘h’ from “ow much?!” when I’m dealing with new businesses and suppliers. I can’t resist.

Favourite piece of trivia about the region.

Surprisingly, I’ve only just learned about Dracula’s link to Whitby.

What/who is your favourite cultural icon to come out of Yorkshire?

The pedigree of sports people in Yorkshire is something to shout about – Nile Wilson, Jack Laugher, Jade Jones, Annie Last… Victoria Gate Casino has the biggest sports screen in Leeds, so it’s a great place to watch the local sportspeople and teams succeed in big events on the sporting calendar.

Worst experience or thing about Yorkshire?

Leeds Bradford Airport is one of the windiest airports in the UK and the shaky landings are never pleasant.

What is one thing you’d steal from Lancashire (or other UK regions) if you could?

We’ve got lots of family members and friends that still live in the Midlands, so it would be nice if they were closer.

What is the most overrated thing about Yorkshire?

I’m sorry to say it, but I’m really not a tea drinker.