City nightclub to become holiday apartments and restaurant

Credit: McMillan York Ltd

York city centre’s Club Salvation is set to be turned into a restaurant and 17 short stay holiday apartments, after councillors gave permission for the conversion.

The site, in George Hudson Street, will accommodate the flats on on its first, second and third floors and within a new roof extension. The restaurant will be located on the ground floor.

The applicant’s agent had explained that the conversion of the five buildings on this site would provide both quality accommodation and employment.

The agent told the council that this part of York was changing, so the site’s current use as a nightclub would no longer be compatible with the area in future.

In a statement to the council, the agent added: “The proposal creates a scheme which addresses the character of the site and its surroundings, by returning the building at the corner of George Hudson Street and Tanner Row to its original massing and design.

“It provides a sympathetic development that enhances the conservation area. The development leads to an efficient use of previously developed land within a sustainable location for uses compatible with the surrounding area.”

A council officer’s report presented to York City Council recommended the plans should be approved.

The officer’s report noted: “The proposals would not result in significant harm being caused to the character, setting and amenity of the designated Conservation Area or the Listed Building. Nor would the proposals result in the irreplaceable loss of historic fabric.”