The journey of leadership

Northern Leadership Award winner Taryn Edge, gave attendees much to think about at a recent networking lunch.

The event sponsored by Titus learning, saw the head of organisational development at Linbrooke and the managing director of its ntrs training academy, share the importance of listening to successful leadership but also the role of change and training.

“Leadership for me has been a journey and one for which I have had to reflect on who I am, and how I behave”, she started.

“As a result, I’ve had to re-train myself out of my comfortable place to ensure I am best placed to lead others”

Highlighting that everyone in the room likely shares similar business goals – to be profitable, Taryn continued, means everyone is always looking to gain an insight into how to create agile and nimble teams, that are highly motivated to deliver productivity and business growth.

However, in her experience, the productivity challenge often means embracing change and requires training.

Addressing the room and referencing Carl Jung, the award winner highlighted that it’s important to understand personality types. Many will find change challenging hence why, “We’ve always done it that way?” or “Why do I have to change?” are common responses. It’s important to remember that not everyone is like us and we have to acknowledge diversity in people. Cognitive and personality diversity will contribute positively to your business.”

How do you tackle such response, through communication and participation!

One of her top tips to support change is to have “effective learning and development programmes.”

“Gone are the days when learning and development required hours out of the office travelling to and from courses, now it’s more accessible than ever for businesses and employees thanks to technology and e-learning.”

Highlighting that there will always be a need for classroom based / practical training, Taryn highlighted that e-learning supports business with flexible training models. The “internal conflict businesses face with the cost of training and the cost of the time to train can be minimised with more flexible arrangements.”

Taryn added: “Let’s not forget that e-learning, is also inclusive for all; accessible with no limit on geographical reach; can help reduces a business’ carbon footprint with sustainability; is cost effective and flexible; but most of all enables learners to learn at their own pace.”
However, Taryn’s favourite part of e-learning, is the analytical data it provides. “With e-learning I can see directly how employees have performed, it can help identify areas where we need to support them but also helps identify our next generation of leaders. Those always keen to re-visit courses for personal development.”

Closing the event Taryn exclaimed, “My own experience has enabled me to develop a leadership style that is inclusive and approachable. Providing a platform for development and access to training that adds value, has a return for the business enabling those who want to, to activate their ambition and career progression.”

“But remember, we’re not all alike and that not everyone has the same motivation, strengths and weaknesses. Connecting with your team by facilitating open communication, employee growth and development and those often missed, feedback and de-brief sessions will raise the engagement of your teams.