Risk v reward: How business can prepare for life after lockdown

Four experts from Begbies Traynor in Yorkshire joined TheBusinessDesk.com’s webinar, Risk v reward: How business can prepare for life after lockdown.

The panel looked at some of the key questions and themes that are arising for business owners and managers as we enter this new period of transition:

– How can businesses forecast in an ever evolving situation?
– How should businesses approach Government support and what other options are available?
– How important are relationships to a businesses future, with HMRC, suppliers and landlords?
– How do businesses prepare for the return of furloughed staff and what are the cost implications for changes in work to accommodate social distancing etc?
– Out of disruption and volatility comes opportunities. How do business leaders balance risk and reward to capitalise on this in such uncertain times?

The full, 40-minute webinar can be viewed online. Below are three short clips from the webinar, focusing on some of the important issues:

Focus on cash is critical ahead of economic turbulence

Businesses are going to need to assist and support each other