Apology for image used to promote community business initiative

Senior leaders in Bradford have apologised for an image used to help highlight their #TogetherBradfordCan slogan, after facing criticism for not reflecting their district’s ethnic diversity.

The image had been used alongside the slogan, which is being promoted online as part of ongoing efforts to help local businesses and other organisations navigate their way through the COVID-19 recovery.

Bradford Council says the picture will not be used again for the campaign.

A joint statement released by Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, leader of Bradford Council, and chief executive Kersten England, says: “We would like to make a full apology for any distress caused to members of our community following two pieces of communication which were sent out last night to promote a community and a business initiative.

“We acknowledge that the images did not properly represent the full rich ethnic diversity of communities within our great district and we have instructed that they are not used again.

“While we are working with communities and businesses from all corners of Bradford District to raise awareness of the incredible work, innovation and resilience being shown by people across the district, we understand that these images were misleading and both have been removed immediately.

“We take equality and diversity incredibly seriously, which is why this is so disappointing.

“We will use this as an opportunity to reflect as an organisation on how we are ensuring we live out our commitment to equality and diversity.

“The priority has to be that we plan for a better future for everyone in the district.”