House of Lords move to York is rejected

Peers will not be moving to York after a suggestion to relocate the House of Lords during rebuilding was dismissed.

Boris Johnson had wanted Parliamentary authorities to explore the idea of moving the Lords out of London while the Palace of Westminster is revamped.

But the body in charge of the project said it would not be investigated further.

The idea of moving the Upper Chamber out of London initially surfaced in January.

But the BBC has today reported that the Restoration and Renewal Sponsor Body and Delivery Authority said such a move would not form part of its review.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, it said there were “constitutional implications” for shifting MPs and peers outside London “which makes this a matter for both Houses to determine rather than for our review”.

“This option will not, therefore, be considered as part of the scope of the strategic review,” they said.

It said urgent action was needed to address the state of parts of the Palace of Westminster, which it said was “falling apart faster than they can be fixed”.