Pharmaceutical company sees sales growth

STADA, the parent company of Huddersfield-based Thornton & Ross, continued to see sales growth through the first half of 2020.

The business which increased production volumes significantly as the pandemic hit in March has said that against the backdrop of a difficult operating environment brought about by Covid-19, it saw a 16% increase in reported Group sales, taking it to €1.47bn.

The firm has stated that its diverse portfolio is “on the whole, standing up well to the challenging market conditions”, with the Thornton & Ross manufactured Zoflora now the UK’s biggest selling household disinfectant brand and being introduced into more markets internationally.

Thornton & Ross UK executive vice-president, Roger Scarlett-Smith

Despite these successes, the company warned there are reduced growth rates across the pharma industry, and highlighted that the second quarter was particularly tough “as markets saw sharp declines, particularly in countries in which patients typically pay out-of-pocket”. With these declines attributed to lower visitor numbers to pharmacies, doctors and hospitals as a result of the Covid-19 situation and lockdowns.

Thornton & Ross UK executive vice-president Roger Scarlett-Smith said: “It is pleasing to see how STADA’s UK-based operations, such as the Thornton & Ross prescription and consumer healthcare business, the Nature’s Aid natural health unit and the Britannia Pharmaceuticals Parkinson’s disease specialist, have contributed to the group’s double-digit growth in the first half of this year. This has only been possible through the dedication and agility of all of our employees in the UK.”