Lawyer launches new ‘equality’ law firm

“Equality is at the heart” of a new kind of employment law business, created by experienced lawyer Hannah Strawbridge.

Yorkshire-based Han Law will provide employment law and HR expertise to clients in the UK and overseas.

Han Law officially launches in Halifax today – 10 September – and Strawbridge, an employment lawyer and HR advisor, believes the firm has a unique focus.

She said: “Han Law is a new kind of advisor because at the heart of our business model is equality.

“We are a combined law and HR provider, so we can advise on day-to-day HR issues as well as contracts, policies, tribunals and litigation. We advise both employers and employees.

“What sets us apart from our peers is our unwavering commitment to delivering the equal rights that individuals are due under law.

“Where we differ from other anti-discriminatory organisations is that, as an entrepreneur myself, our focus isn’t simply on how this commitment benefits individuals but on how this impacts on the wider world economy and business owners and employers everywhere.”

Strawbridge warned that this year’s pandemic had only served to highlight inequalities.

She added: “Fifty years after the first Equal Pay legislation and here we are still having to call out inequalities in the workplace.

“Covid is impacting women and minority groups unfairly. We’re here to ensure that we deliver equality. Both employers and the wider world economy benefit when all people are treated fairly and with dignity.

“Losing your job – fairly or unfairly – is awful. Individuals who instruct us tell us that they feel properly heard, often for the first time.

“We work alongside them as their guides through a process that can be an emotional rollercoaster, and emerge at the other end stronger and in a better position.

“Employers turn to us for organisation-defining advice. It’s been shown time and again that workplaces that respect equality are the ones that flourish most economically.

“We help organisations of all sizes to benefit from improved loyalty and profitability as they put equality at the forefront of their agenda.”