Cyber security business scores with Leeds United tech partnership

Elland Road, home to Leeds United

Leeds United Football Club has signed a multi-year technology agreement with Cyber Security firm Altinet, which will become the club’s official Cyber Security Partner.

The partnership will see the club work alongside Altinet to develop its cyber defences as it starts life back in the Premier League.

Also, Altinet’s security messaging are bing displayed around the stadium from the beginning of this month, tying in with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Paul Bell, executive director at Leeds United said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Altinet.

“Cyber security has always been an important consideration in our online operations, but we are aware of how our recent promotion into the Premier League will make this area all the more critical moving forwards and we are looking to leveraging Altinet’s expertise to enhance our defences.”

Henry Doyle, director at Altinet Ltd, added: “Many companies in the sports sector and similar public-facing industries don’t realise just how attractive they are as targets for cybercriminals.

“As clubs continue to grow their online platforms and digital capabilities, it is only becoming easier for hackers to gain access.

“Altinet are thrilled to be working with Leeds United again, and hope to see more sports bodies giving serious consideration to these government warnings.”

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