Video call software platform awarded money from £200m fund

A Leeds-based video conferencing service has secured a six-figure sum from the Government’s £200m Sustainable Innovation Fund.

The grant has gone to SimplyVideo, allowing the business to fully invest in the R&D required to hone its platform.

The firm was one of the winners in this year’s Yorkshire Business Masters Awards – staged by – where it scooped victory in the best newcomer category.

A spokesman for the business said: “This allows us to get a head start on the market without needing to resort to external investment, crowdfunding, or securing a loan.

“It’s awesome that we’ve secured funding in that it frees us up to develop things more efficiently and at a faster rate.

“On top of that though, it also validates the concept of what we’re doing.

“Of course, we’re confident in what the platform can offer. Still, being at the forefront of innovation means we’re exploring uncharted territory.

“It’s reassuring to know that the UK Government shares our confidence in the concept.

“The world’s businesses have finally discovered that video chats are pretty much as good as meeting face-to-face.

“But, they’ve also discovered that there are still limitations. In broadening the platform with wearables integration, SimplyVideo smashes through those roadblocks.”

He added SimplyVideo’s platform bridges the gap between wearable devices and the likes of Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.

By joining scattered workforces through remote participation it drastically cuts travel costs and the carbon footprint.

George Sims

George Sims, SimplyVideo’s chief technical officer, said: “I’m delighted to have been awarded the grant as it gives further justification to our roadmap and vision.

“Our mission is to utilise video conferencing for more than merely viewing a series of people’s heads on calls.

“The pandemic has changed the world forever. We need to start realising the value of multiple video feeds on calls.

“Wearable and IoT technology use cases continue to emerge and evolve.

“It’s our job at SimplyVideo to deliver new workflows for video conferencing. I’d like to personally thank the UK Government for believing in our roadmap.

“Their funding helps us bring these products to market sooner than we had anticipated.”

The Sustainable Innovation Fund is meant to help innovative businesses bounce back in the wake of Covid-19 and safeguard their projects.

Handled by Innovate UK, the grant will turn research and development into fully-realised products with a heavy emphasis on sustainability.