Transforming cities into centres of technology and innovation

Cities are the engines of economic growth but with not all cities created equal how do you transform a city steeped in history, religion and politics into one that supports technology and innovation?

That is the question which Jerusalem is wrangling and has lead to the creation of Made in Jerusalem and in the latest UK Israel Virtual Breakfast Club event a panel will consider what lessons the Leeds and the wider north can learn from this movement 3,213mile away.

Facilitated by Jonny Ross from Fleek Marketing and with a panel that includes Jon Geldart, director general of the IoD, Martin Port, founder and CEO of BigChnage and Dor Bershadsky, executive director UK Israel Business, the discussion will look at the opportunity for new urban centres in the wake of the pandemic and provide an insight to how Jerusalem has become a top emerging global tech hub.

This event is free to attend and will take place 8.45-9.45 on Friday 19 March, simply click here to register. is proud to be a media partners for UK Israel Business, which looks to encourage and supports bilateral trade and investment between the UK & Israel.