Distillery’s new partnership bears fruit

Two luxury Yorkshire producers, Otterbeck Distillery and Annabel’s Deliciously British have partnered to create Cotton Gin Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn.

The new flavour, which is described as “delectably fresh” is the result of female entrepreneurs coming together, distillery founders Nicola Lampkin and Alexa Ives, and entrepreneurial farmer, Annabel Makin-Jones, who wanted to create something to celebrate the region’s countryside.

Cotton Gin Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn is a premium small-batch gin is distilled at Otterbeck Distillery in Skipton from botanicals including Yorkshire Watercress, English Coriander, hand-foraged local spruce, rowan berries, nettle leaves and mint, which perfectly complement the ripe strawberries from Annabel’s farm, which are sold to some of outlets like The Ritz, The Savoy and Harrods

Otterbeck Distillery only started producing gin in 2020 and founders Lampkin and Ives are delighted that they were able to continue to work on this collaboration while socially distancing. The friends were regular customers of Annabel’s and a collaboration seemed a natural and perfect way to showcase the wonderful produce available on their doorstep.

Makin-Kones is a fifth generation farmer and a mother of two, that has been working to combine sustainable agriculture with bringing uniquely British crops to market, while also creating a drinks range called Tame & Wild.

Lampkin and Ives said: “This quintessentially British Gin is summer in a glass! Annabel’s Strawberries are unparalleled, and we knew we wanted to work with only the best and support fellow women entrepreneurs. We’re delighted to be able to launch this in time for summer 2021 – we all deserve a treat this year and there’s nothing quite like that first gin of the summer to signify good times are ahead.”

Makin-Jones added: “Two things drive me, sustainability and entrepreneurship and I really relished the chance to work in partnership with other women. Collaboration, not just on great tasting products, but wider collaboration in business is vitally important for entrepreneurs. We can share markets, products, contacts, distribution, and it’s a bonus to have an additional support network.

“Sharing and giving back are really important, emerging brands need to share insights to gain collective expertise. I’m delighted with the product and I have gained new friends at Otterbeck, and that is definitely worth celebrating.”