Covid’s impact accelerates expansion at tech consultancy

Jamie Hinton
X The Business Desk

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Sheffield-based digital transformation specialist, Razor, has capitalised on increased demand from businesses wanting to work better, faster and more efficiently, using advanced technology like AI.

 A total of 21 new team members have joined the firm since March 2020, with the business winning new clients across sectors including retail, manufacturing, construction and logistics. Some of Razor’s new clients include: Fixie 3D and Zen Internet.

Razor adds it is continuing to grow, with new hires across account management, marketing, software development and testing; 10 people have joined the company since January of this year.

Jamie Hinton, CEO and co-founder, said: “The pandemic was the breaking point for many businesses who had overlooked digital technology until now.

“Technology like machine learning and AI sound off-putting to lots of people, but we’re not interested in replacing people with machines.

“All of the work we’ve done this year hasn’t kicked off because people couldn’t go to work in the same offices, factories or sites.

“We’ve helped industries who have boomed because of the crisis keep up with these huge shifts, otherwise they simply wouldn’t have survived.

“Some of it is also about letting computers take care of the tedious tasks so us humans can get out there and do the creative ones.

“We are delighted that we’ve brought on some truly brilliant people during this time who have sailed through periods of isolation and remote working even when they are very new to the business.”

Tamarind Randall, software tester and one of Razor’s newest recruits added: ““In the last 12 months, businesses have opened their eyes and expanded their imagination to the possibilities of digital technology.

“They have been forced to scale up in some areas and had the space to think about the lingering technical debt within their internal operations.

“And those questions and ideas they might have had a few years ago and pushed down the road are now cropping up. The Razor team is definitely here to help them understand how we can make those ‘could this work’ ideas a reality.”