Start-up investor, Bulldozer, shoves e-commerce venture towards further growth

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Saledock, an innovator in omni-channel commerce, has received significant investment from Bulldozer, a Yorkshire-based investor in tech start-ups.

Launched in July 2020 by Halifax-based husband-and-wife-duo Layla and Lee Gladwin, the the start-up company has witnessed major growth over the last 12 months. The couple believe this five-figure investment is a significant milestone in their quest to revolutionise retail.

Layla Gladwin said: “We want to make business easier for retailers, saving them time so they can focus on business growth.

“This investment will allow us to grow our team and establish ourselves as a retail innovator in the UK.”

Saledock is a secure cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and ecommerce solution that offers single and multi-store retailers tools from inventory and store management to customer profiles, sales history, accounting integration and real-time analytics that enable business growth.

Lee Gladwin said: “Saledock was built with retailers, for retailers and we work closely with our customers, something we’ll continue as we grow. We have the dedication and drive to lead the way in retail innovation whilst staying true to our community values.

“Our people-first approach not only saves retailers time but is also more cost effective.

“With one unified solution retailers can rely on a single support team that truly cares about their success. We’re dedicated to working with retailers and evolving Saledock as business demands and trends change over time.”

The Bulldozer team is made up of MDs who have their own successful businesses. Their experience will help add value and expertise to build on Saledock’s success.

Layla Gladwin added: “For us, the mentoring aspect of this partnership is extremely exciting. Of course, the financial boost will help make things happen but there’s plenty more we will get from working together.

“I see this investment as more of a partnership. The Bulldozer team are business owners themselves, and there’s a lot we can learn from them, their successes, failures and learnings.”

Lee Gladwin said: “Having a team to work with, bounce ideas and formalise plans will provide clarity and shape achievable goals that we can work towards. This investment is a real motivator to make our vision a reality and open doors to new connections.”

Bulldozer has made a number of recent investments in Sheffield-based start-ups, in a bid to ensure Yorkshire, The North, and the UK are not left behind as technology enables the world and its economies to develop at an unprecedented pace.

Robert Bell, managing director of Bulldozer, said: “With early stage investments you’re really taking a bet on the founders of the company rather than the product or company itself.

“We saw a compelling, refined product with a credible and easily understandable route to market.

“We’re really optimistic that Saledock will fulfil their promise and create a significant and impactful business, increasing revenues and decreasing overheads for hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world.”