Further expansion as brownie business with modest beginnings tastes success

Love Brownies, a chocolate brownie and café brand, which has a network of branches across the country, is eyeing more growth.

Founder Chantal Teal is currently building the company’s sixth kitchen, which she said will be big enough to allow for all future expansion.

The business began life on a kitchen table in Ilkley, and since then Teal has grown it into a national brand, delivering brownies nationwide and opening 15 shops across the country.

What started out as an online gifting site 12 years ago, has become a team of brownie chefs who invent new flavours, bake, package up and send out treats to order.

Teal said: “It takes lot of money to grow a business and have the right people around you, I’m very specific about the team I work with and it’s essential to have warm, creative and positive people around me who can share my dream and take it to the next level.

“I am lucky to have such a great management team, as I’m in the kitchen far more than I should be due to how quickly we are expanding. It’s easy to think machinery can replace what we do here, but it really can’t.”

Teal, who works alongside her husband, added: “We’re a strong team, he motivates me to take what I do beyond my normal aspirations and believes in everything I do. We are like a jigsaw in a business that just fits together and makes things come alive.”