‘Cyber is the biggest issue affecting the insurance sector right now’

Chris Harvey is head of office at Aon in Hull and Kimington. Harvey has 27 years of industry experience and leads a 30-strong team of insurance and risk management specialists based across the Hull and Kirmington offices, as they support clients with general risk and insurance and risk management and consultancy.

One of the best things about my job is working for a genuine industry leader. It’s fantastic to have that level of expertise to bring to bear on our local client’s problems and be at the forefront of product development in the insurance industry.

Growth is in our future. After a period where the world’s been dealing with instability and we’ve gone through the acquisition, the future looks exciting as we’ve got a core team of people in the Hull and Kimington teams who have bought into the Aon culture and are now delivering for our customers and are broadening the office’s horizons

Cyber is the biggest issue affecting the insurance sector right now as it’s basically a whole new risk. The insurance market hasn’t historically been seen as the most dynamic, so obviously you’ve got something that’s gone from being zero risk 20/25 years ago to now being arguably the biggest single risk facing a lot of businesses within the last decade.

Looking ahead we’re better geared up now as part of Aon to serve the new sectors which are growing in Yorkshire and the Humber around technology. We’ve also seen clients from within our traditional sectors of manufacturing, construction etc shift overnight to become tech led businesses and so Aon’s wider network is helping us support them as they enter this new phase.

The biggest influence on my career was likely my first boss in insurance. I was recruited by the branch manager for Norwich Union, and I was just a snotty nose trainee. But he personally oversaw my development and was genuinely interested in me, and perhaps even saw it as his own sort of, like personal mission to make sure that I embraced a career in insurance. Ultimately, he acted as a good old-fashioned mentor and that set me on the path to where I am.

I’m sports mad, so outside of the office my wife and dog keep me busy, but you’ll often find me watching sports from rugby league to cricket or boxing. I’m hard pressed to think of a sport that won’t get my attention.