Plans revealed for Global Technology and Innovation Centre

Powerhouse Energy Group, which specialises in commercialising hydrogen production from plastic, has unveiled plan to create a Global Technology and Innovation Centre (GTIC), which it aims to open in early 2023.

The GTIC is designed to add strength to building the technology readiness level (TRL) of technologies and systems the business has within its offering, reinforcing the Bingley-headquartered company’s growth strategy.

TRL rankings are a method for understanding and assessing the maturity of a technology during its development phase.

Powerhouse says it will build the GTIC in the UK after recently signing agreements with suppliers to provide a turnkey solution for the centre. 

A site search for the GTIC is in progress. The objective is to situate it close to manufacturing, technology, and research networks, and at the same time make it accessible to customers.

Paul Emmitt, Powerhouse’s chief technology officer, said: “As well as generating even more credibility on the process capability of our commercial scale offering, the plant and equipment at GTIC is more representative of the commercial design.

“It will be capable of handling more volume than the equipment the company has used to-date for validation.

“Additionally, the GTIC will support evaluations of customers’ own feed stock blends – validating, demonstrating, and testing in real-world conditions, and providing market replication.

“This will enable deep and thorough assessment in the pre-evaluation phase of onboarding projects, supporting business growth.”

Chief executive officer, Paul Drennan-Durose, added: “The new centre will open doors to new areas of research, innovation, and technology development.

“It will play a key role in underpinning the established progress, and in increasing market readiness.

“Crucially, it will play a role in intensifying sales pipeline generation, and in showcasing how Powerhouse can be part of the solution to the world’s waste problems, and the energy transition.”