Sushi rolls in and music store turns up the volume at Victorian arcade

A Victorian arcade which is proving to be a launchpad for independent traders has welcomed a sushi street food restaurant and a record shop.

Oishii Ne – an Asian street food restaurant and take-away inspired by the Japanese phrase for “it’s delicious” – is the latest addition to Paragon Arcade in Hull.

Meanwhile Out of the Attic – a record shop which opened in the arcade in June 2020 has expanded into a double unit with space to display more records, CDs, DVDs and t-shirts.

Allenby Commercial, which transformed all the units and attracted a range of niche businesses after buying Paragon Arcade in 2017, will soon announce new tenants for the remaining space.

Georgia Allenby, design and marketing manager at Allenby Commercial, said: “Paragon Arcade is all about providing a launchpad for independent local businesses which bring great ideas and fit into the community spirit we have nurtured here.

“We have had some fantastic tenants. Some find their feet and move to bigger premises elsewhere, others expand to larger units here and we have a waiting list of people who want to move in when vacancies arise.”

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