Approval is key step to OptiBiotix’s plans to shake up Gulf market

OptiBiotix has secured approval to sell its GoFigure shakes and bars in Saudi Arabia, which is expected to open up the markets of other Gulf states.

A deal with distributor Nahdi Medical was agreed last December and clearance from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority had been expected to follow shortly.

However approval has now been granted and OptiBiotix has received the first order from Nahdi, which owns 1,100 pharmacies in Saudi Arabia.

Manufacturing of the range of products has begun and launches across Saudi Arabia are now planned for early next year.

Approval by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority is expected to be helpful in being able to also sell into Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

René Kamminga, chief executive of OptiBiotix Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of York-based OptiBiotix Health, said: “The GoFigure range has been specifically formulated to support consumers aiming to reduce their weight, help them stick to their change in diet and improve their gut microbiome at the same time.

“This particular range has been adapted specifically to fit the consumer preferences in Saudi Arabia and we are confident that we can build lasting success with our partner Nahdi.”

The GoFigure shakes and bars contain the patented weight management aid SlimBiome, which has been shown to reduce cravings for sweet and savoury food in clinical trials.