Last chance to register for Disruptors 2022

Registrations will soon close for’s  free-to-attend Disruptors conference at Leeds Nexus on Thursday November 24.

Following a keynote address at 9.30am by Denise Dourado, Director of Digital and Application Innovation, Microsoft, the conference will split into two strands.

In the lecture theatre, panels will discuss how to grow your business and the tech skills arms race before lunch, and shaping your business for investment after lunch.

In the conference theatre, the panels will look at building resilience and efficiencies and taking your tech global before lunch, and how tech can improve health outcomes and inequalities after lunch.

The final panel, in the lecture theatre, will look at using technology to create a better future.

You can choose which panels you wish to attend as part of your registration.

Disruptors 2022 will be held at Leeds Nexus from 9am to 2pm this Thursday, November 24. Register to attend today!

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