Business plays critical role in helping to decommission UK’s nuclear waste

A Sheffield-based company has reached a milestone in its contract to help support the UK nuclear decommissioning programme.

Amber Precast (APL), was awarded the contract in May 2017 by Magnox, which is an arm of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Group.

Following a commercial competition and selection process, APL was hired to redesign and manufacture the Magnox Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB), which will be used to store intermediate level radioactive wastes, currently being retrieved at decommissioning nuclear power stations across Britain.

Other companies were then chosen to be part of the supply chain to produce this critical component.

Construx, of Belgium, was selected for manufacture of the moulds and turning equipment, Abbey Group Ltd of Liverpool for the supply of casings and twistlocks, Lemon Ground Works for the cut and bent rebar, Tarmac for the standard aggregates and cement, Grace for the add mixtures and LKAB for the heavy aggregates.

Of the 1,010 concrete boxes contracted by Magnox, APL has now produced over half of the total supply.

An APL spokesman said: “The 100th RCB was completed in August 2020 and was a major manufacturing milestone for APL and a fantastic achievement for everyone in the project team both at APL, Magnox and the wider supply chain.

“Box 100 has been selected by Magnox to become its first RCB to be filled with intermediate level waste and has been transported to its interim home at a secure, purpose-built storage facility at Berkeley.

“Amber Precast is proud to be part of the Magnox supply chain delivering one of the most successful new UK radioactive waste container projects in the last 20 years.”

Simon Derrick, senior project manager at Magnox, said: “It’s important for Magnox to create opportunities for the UK supply chain.

“Not only to support economic growth but also to collaborate with experts and innovators to ensure we can effectively, safely, and efficiently deliver our mission to decommission the UK’s nuclear fleet.

“With the support of our supply chain, we can successfully and safely manage our wastes.”

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