College spends nearly half a million on machinery to upskill workforce

East Riding College (ERC) has invested nearly £500,000 in new manufacturing and engineering machinery to improve skills in the region.

The money has been spent on four specialist pieces of equipment – a six axis measuring machine, a metallurgy testing machine, a robotic arm programming machine and a 360-degree camera research kit.

ERC is offering courses around this new technology to help businesses upskill their workforces and improve employability in the region.

Richard Sellick, vice principal at ERC, said: “The Government has identified a national skills shortage in engineering and associated trades and has awarded us this money to help us rectify this.

“The wider strategy of growing manufacturing and engineering capabilities and addressing the skills the next generation of engineers will need to have, as well as the needs of the local market, influenced the decisions we made in what machinery to get – the money was wisely spent.”

Chris Dodsworth, head of faculty, Automotive, Construction and Engineering, at ERC, said: “We’d like to put ERC on the map for these types of courses, many people aren’t aware of what we offer. Every business has their own needs which is why we’re offering bespoke packages.

“Employers who invest in their staff and their continuing development are likely to retain more staff as well as futureproof their business.”

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