Alliance opens up East Asian export opportunities for engineering firm

Advanced engineering company, Synthotech, has joined the Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance to accelerate its export plans in the region.

The Singapore Deep-Tech Alliance (SDTA) is a technology venture builder with an emphasis on sustainability.

It is collaborating with Innovate UK to introduce the Innovate UK Global Incubator Program in Singapore.

The initiative will help creative UK businesses establish high-potential relationships with Singapore’s advanced manufacturing sector.

Harrogate-based Synovate, part of the Synthotech Group, develops advanced robots that can detect leaks and fix pipes.

The LeakVISION robots can be deployed remotely for long distances, which speeds up the investigation process to aid safety and reduce environmental impact.

Simon Langdale, engineering director at Synthotech, said: “Singapore has a world-renowned industrial ecosystem. In partnership with Innovate UK, we have teamed up with SDTA to rapidly expand our exports to Singapore and other markets in the region.

“We will collaborate with like-minded industry partners to further develop innovative solutions and contribute to the region’s dynamism.

“Thanks to the support of Innovate UK, we are able to accelerate our exports around the world, which will fuel our expansion to create more jobs at our headquarters in Harrogate and a further investment in advanced technology.”

The partnership between SDTA and the UK’s national innovation agency gives tech start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises from the UK access to Singapore’s companies, universities, labs, and investors, enabling innovators to collaborate with their counterparts to promote the adoption of novel technologies for manufacturing.

Synthotech has spent over £1.2m to create advanced robots that can find and repair leaks in water and gas pipes.

It is also driving technology partnerships with the utility sector and academic institutions through its innovation division, Synovate, which works with utility companies, academic institutions and funding bodies to accelerate the development and roll-out of new technologies for the energy transition.

The Synthotech Group employs 38 people in the UK and has partnerships worldwide to deploy its technology and resell engineering products. It hit a milestone of £5m in revenue in 2022.