Nearly 50 workers recruited for online fashion retailer’s new warehouse

A team of 49 staff have been taken on for a new warehouse facility in Sheffield.

The workforce was hired by Wills Consultants Ltd, a family-run recruitment firm in Northamptonshire. The project was run in association with SSI Schaefer Ltd, a global engineering company that counts as one of its clients.

Once SSI Schaefer Ltd had negotiated a contract with, it contacted Wills Consultants Ltd to recruit a team to staff the 336,000 sq ft, four-storey warehouse.

Simon Wills, director at Wills Consultants Ltd, said: “Our starting point was to recruit the management team, who could then be involved in recruiting the other roles.

“We appointed their engineering manager and then quickly the deputy engineering manager. We then recruited shift managers for each of the four shifts the company intended to operate, as well as technicians and flow controllers.

“We then worked together with the engineering manager to plan a recruitment day to recruit a team of automation flow controllers, for the new facility.”

Craig Patterson, SSI Schaefer engineering manager, added: “The whole recruitment process was really well executed.

“The recruitment day also went really well and brought some good quality candidates into the building. The people we hired on the day have had good feedback from the management team and fitted in well.”