Scunthorpe United owner bans dissenting voices from home ground

Glanford Park, home of Scunthorpe United

Troubled Scunthorpe United Football Club have seemingly begun issuing banning orders to those who disagree with the current owner and chairman, David Hilton.

The Iron Bru podcast, run by Matt Ellis, which has long been a critical voice of not only Hilton, but also his predecessor

David Hilton

Peter Swann, was issued with an email banning him from Glanford Park in an email on Monday lunchtime purporting to be from the Iron’s Supporter Liaison Officer.

However, for a banning order to come into effect it has to be sanctioned by a court.

It is unclear how many other fans have been “banned” from attending games for disagreeing with Hilton’s actions.

Scunthorpe fans took to social media immediately after the “banning order” was issued. The vast majority disagreed with the decision.

One said: “Whether you agree with Bru’s opinions is irrelevant, banning supporters for having a voice and an opinion is dictator levels of egomania.”

Another said: “25 years, that’s me done. Will give my season ticket away every game.”

The move comes a day after Hilton issued three statements, accusing fans of not supporting him, on Scunthorpe United’s fans’ Facebook page. They were swiftly deleted “on legal advice”.

Hilton, the Nottingham businessman who found success with Ilkeston Town, last week confirmed that he is ready to exit the ownership of troubled National League North side Scunthorpe United.

Hilton posted a message on a Facebook fans group last Tuesday evening (September 19) saying the money he claims to have put into the club, which he bought earlier this year, has been “lost forever”.

The move comes as County Court Judgements begin to pile up against the Iron and a winding up petition was issued against a firm which provided stewards at the club’s Glanford Park home last season.

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