Machinery purchase opens up fresh opportunities for textiles company

Batley-based textile manufacturer, Joshua Ellis, is pursuing growth with a £130,000 investment in a cutting-edge Picanol jacquard loom.

The jacquard loom expands Joshua Ellis’s design capabilities with an increased capacity of 76 threads per inch, which weaves independently, allowing Joshua Ellis to create intricate designs and fulfil bespoke retail & wholesale orders.

This substantial upgrade in machinery also significantly improves efficiency and speed and enhances production capacity

It positions the business to cater to surging demand for traditionally woven textile products both domestically and on the international stage.

The company, part of parent firm SIL Group, says it is still adjusting after the pandemic’s impact on the textile industry, but adds that it has an overarching plan for expansion.

Oliver Platts, managing director, said “We are thrilled to introduce this advanced machinery into our production process.

“It not only upholds our reputation for excellence but also positions us for growth in an increasingly competitive market.

“Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed a surge in demand for bespoke jacquard work, and this investment ensures that we can keep up with the expectations of our premium customer base in terms of design and speed of production.”

In a nod to its long history dating back to 1767, Joshua Ellis chose a symbolic tribute for its first weave on the new loom – an intricate image of the business’s founder, Joshua Ellis himself.

Penny Lovatt, senior designer, said “Investing in this new loom is an extraordinary decision for the company.

“As a designer, the new loom opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing me to experiment with designs that were previously unattainable on our older Dobby looms.

“It was particularly gratifying to breathe life into the image of Joshua Ellis, our founding visionary, as a fitting tribute.”