Latest fundraise heralds promising future for data tech start-up

A data technology start-up is set for growth with investment from Finance Yorkshire.

TUBR, founded by entrepreneur Dash Tabor, provides a machine learning platform which enables businesses to turn data into informed actions quickly.

The technology can be used across many sectors where it can predict likely future events, for example in retail, forecasting customer demand patterns as an aid to stock and staff planning or in environmental control, predicting pollution patterns from data collected through sensors.

Based at Sheffield Technology Parks, TUBR has attracted interest with a previous funding round in 2022 which included US-based venture fund BlueWing VC.

The company has now raised a total of £473,000 following a second funding round of £220,000 including £100,000 from Finance Yorkshire’s Seedcorn Fund alongside existing and other new investors.

Tabor’s career has been spent in technology data product management, monetising data solutions.

She said: “I started building the TUBR technology understanding that companies would need machine learning and AI to compete post pandemic.

“The solution can be used to predict demand and improve operations.

“The investment from Finance Yorkshire and other investors will help us advance the technology and the speed of implementing it so we can start growing our customer base.”

Dash has relocated the TUBR business to Sheffield Technology Parks from London.

She said: “I was attracted to South Yorkshire because of the support available to start-ups and that I can tap into the ecosystem at the technology park and gain knowledge from its network to help build the business.”

Finance Yorkshire chief executive Alex McWhirter said: “Our seedcorn fund is perfect for supporting start-ups to scale up just like TUBR.

“Data technology is progressing at considerable pace and Dash’s vision and ambition for her solution is to be applauded. We are pleased to support the company and Dash’s entrepreneurialism.”

Tom Wolfenden, CEO of Sheffield Technology Parks, said: “TUBR is an exciting company and a great example of a London-founded start-up that has relocated to Sheffield owing to our city’s unique set of advantages for both business and lifestyle.

“I am pleased Dash has secured this funding from Finance Yorkshire and look forward to seeing the TUBR team grow and their technology develop.

“Dash is a determined and resilient founder with big ambitions – we’re happy to be part of her journey at Sheffield Technology Parks.”

Finance Yorkshire’s seedcorn fund is part of a wider regional business fund which is expected to provide more than £50m to SMEs over five years. Investment is also available from its growth and business loans funds.

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